Prospective Members

In 2006, four companies from across America came together to form AMOTIA - Association for the Management and Operations of Transportation Infrastructure Assets. These companies were well attuned to changes in government - changes that would lead to enhanced partnerships and new services to meet the needs of the traveling public. Today, over 20 companies are now leading the way to advance the private sector's role in managing transportation infrastructure assets.

What is AMOTIA's Mission?

To build partnerships with industry and public agency stakeholders and disseminate information on innovative, cost effective programs for managing, operating, and maintaining transportation infrastructure assets.

What are AMOTIA Objectives?

  • To serve as the industry voice in the fast-growing field of private sector management and operations of transportation infrastructure assets.
  • To provide a forum for members to exchange ideas.
  • To advocate policies and practices that help members work cooperatively and efficiently with infrastructure owners.
  • To promote the use of performance measures, creative risk allocation, and other techniques that stimulate creativity and innovation, resulting in safe and cost-effective management of owner assets.

For more information

Please call Peter J. Loughlin, AMOTIA Executive Director, at 202-253-0331 or email him at Our members stand ready to work with you and provide you the best possible combination of experience and enthusiasm as we join forces to improve our transportation system. Come join us and take your company to the next level.
Peter Loughlin, Executive Director

Why AMOTIA makes a difference!

AMOTIA has developed key principles and positions on many issues related to infrastructure management. Members are building a business from the ground up. And sharing the news with government.

AMOTIA is working with key American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials and Committees, such as the Subcommittee on Maintenance, and becoming the private sector voice on performance-based maintenance activities in the country.

AMOTIA is working with Florida Department of Transportation to help educate their workforce on key principles of asset maintenance from the industry perspective.

AMOTIA is working on key issues such as liability and risk allocation, finding the right balance for government and industry.

AMOTIA is working with those in the Public-Private Partnership arena to help educate the public and government officials about public-private partnerships and the ability of the private sector to efficiently and economically manage transportation assets.

AMOTIA is developing performance measures and specifications to help guide government on the best way to specify and measure work.

AMOTIA is developing a training and outreach program, looking to work with both AASHTO and FHWA to be the voice of the industry.

AMOTIA is providing a forum for industry to define the business opportunities of the future.

What does it take to join?

AMOTIA has three tiers of membership for your company.

Tier 1 Contractor. ($15,000) As a current or future contractor/manager of transportation assets, I understand I automatically become an AMOTIA Board Member, attend all AMOTIA meetings, help form policy, marketing strategy, technical positions, manage the business of the Association, meet with key government officials, participate in outreach and training efforts, and make this business grow.

Tier 2 Consultant. ($3,750) As a current or future consultant providing asset management services, I understand I will be able to attend AMOTIA Meetings, join technical and marketing committees, network with Tier 1 Contractors on proposals and contracts, develop the industry role in asset management services, and form the nucleus of future industry services.

Tier 3 Supplier. ($2,000) As a supplier of products used is asset management service contracts, I understand I will help build the business for the future, share my product news with the membership, help form performance-based standards and measures, and make sure that my interests are taken care of by AMOTIA.

I want to join!!!

I agree that it is time for industry to come together to develop and promote performance-based management and operations of transportation assets. I want to be a part of this new business opportunity.
For latest dues structure, please call Peter J. Loughlin, AMOTIA Executive Director, at 202-253-0331 or