Duval County highway asset maintenance contract renewed

DBi Services announces acceptance of first-ever FDOT District 2 contract renewal under the existing Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida project.

This project encompasses maintenance services for 471 centerline miles, 36 limited access miles, 2500 intersections, 1400 manholes, 300 miles of sidewalk, 150 miles of drainage pipe, 60 miles of guardrail and 10,000 sign panels.

DBi has maintained this project since 2008 and proudly accepted the renewal extending the contract through 2018. DBi has been able to expand on several operational efficiencies on this project and will continue to make significant strides in safety, accountability and overall contract performance.

DBi looks forward to continuously extend a business relationship with the Florida Department of Transportation and the Jacksonville Maintenance Unit, and are committed to ceaseless efforts in maintaining the safest and highest quality infrastructure of Duval County.

DBi is extremely proud of the positive relationship with FDOT on this project, as well as several other projects they continue to maintain throughout the state of Florida.