AMOTIA Guide #20: Performance Contracting Guide

Over the last two decades, performance-based maintenance contracting (PBMC) has evolved to a level of maturity that encourages continued utilization. PBMC defines the outcome of the maintenance service without identifying the means and methods necessary to achieve those outcomes. In this way, PBMC is different from the traditional method of contracting maintenance service in which the work method is specified and the owner agency directs the activities.

The Performance Contracting Guide focuses on the key principles for development and implementation of successful performance-based maintenance programs. The Guide is presented in a compact and concise format with three main sections:

  • Reasons for considering PBMC
  • Development principles
  • Implementation principles.

The decision to develop and implement a PBMC must be led by top management. The Guide provides a ready tool for executives to heighten their awareness of the key principles for success. The content and application of the principles in the Guide will assist the professionals most responsible for developing the agency policies and procedures necessary for implementing the PBMC.

Developing a PBMC is a team-based, iterative process, and this process should follow key PBMC development principles. The Guide presents basic principles for developing a PBMC program, setting desired outcomes, and preparing performance specifications. The Guide also identifies key contract provisions, along with a discussion of recommendations and guidelines to improve the overall quality of the bidding documents.

Allowing the contractor to take possession of the assets in an orderly manner, establishing a good partnering relationship, and continuously evaluating the contractor’s performance throughout the duration of the project are key factors for a successful implementation of PBMC. The Guide introduces the concepts of mobilization, partnering, program evaluation, and quality management within the context of performance-based contracting.

In summary, the Performance Contracting Guide is intended to be a helpful tool that’s widely used by the transportation industry. The Association for the Management and Operations of Transportation Infrastructure Assets’ (AMOTIA) official position on several key aspects of PBMC are included in the Guide as the unified voice of the private sector in the management and operation of transportation infrastructure assets.

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